Education Packs

The heritage project has created an education pack to support interpretation of the Ropewalk by schools. The pack includes activities for KS1 and KS2 to use on site at the Ropewalk as well as in the classroom.

Onsite activities include a self guided tour of the site of the rope factory supported by teacher’s notes.

The pack of classroom resources covers a wide range of curriculum subjects including history, literacy, science and geography. The five sections of the pack each look at a different aspect of the site and its heritage and are designed to fit in with national curriculum programmes of study. The activities support the new heritage exhibition at the Ropewalk, about rope making in Barton.

For more information please contact Janine Knight – Ropewalk Education Officer


Download the PDFs

Click the links below to download each education pack. These packs compliment the activities available at the Ropewalk Museum.

Stories from Barton Ropery

KS1 Education Pack

Various stories centered around Barton Ropery throughout the years.
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The Story of the Ropewalk

KS2 Theme 1 History and Geography

This investigation looks at the rope factory buildings and the physical environment surrounding them, as evidence of change.
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The Story of Rope Making

KS2 Theme 2. The story of rope making

Investigating the process of rope making and the
materials used
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A Story set in the Victorian Ropery

KS2 Theme 3.

Stories describing live in the Victorian Ropery.
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Stories from the Factory Workers’ Memories

KS2 Theme 4.

This theme looks at the use of oral evidence for
finding out about the past.
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Retelling the Story of Barton Ropery

KS2 Theme 5.

This theme involves putting together an exhibition about the ropery, focusing on the buildings, the workers or the process of rope making.
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