Books from the Fathom Press at the Ropewalk

Fathom Press was formed in 2007 initially as vehicle to publish the two books that came out of the Heritage Lottery funded Unravelling Barton Ropery Project, Ropeworks and Family Ties. It has since developed and published Article Magazine, a free monthly guide to arts and culture in Northern Lincolnshire and with a natural association with Fathom Writers it has sponsored and published the Fathom Prize anthology of creative writing: the second edition Fathom 10 was published in November 2010. Fathom Press has also entered a partnership with Geoffrey Bryant and The Later History of Barton Group to help publish their ongoing series of books.

If you wish to purchase any of the publications below please contact Fathom Press. Post and packaging will be charged at £2.80 (softback) and £4.79 (hardback).



By Will Fenton
ISBN 978-0-9555950-0-4 Softback £5
Featuring the results on new archival research, this book re-interprets some aspects of the firm’s 200 year history, focusing on the company, its founders and Barton men and women who worked there.
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Family Ties

Edited by Nick Triplow
ISBN 978-0-9555950-1-1 Softback £5
Family Ties brings together the stories and memories of former workers at Hall’s Barton Ropery. Recollections of good friends, families, hard times and hard work. The routine of everyday working lives set against a changing industrial landscape.
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Fathom 10: Fathom Prize 2010

ISBN 978-0-9555950-5-9 Softback £5
The second anthology of prize winning and short-listed poems and stories from the Fathom Prize Short Story Competition. Also included is a collection of Flash Fiction previously published in Article magazine. The anthology is sponsored by Fathom Writers and Article magazine.
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Elswick-Hopper of Barton on Humber

by Nigel Land
ISBN 978-0-9555950-6-6 Hardback back £18
Barton author Nigel Land traces the history of the manufacturer of Elswick-Hopper cycles in this book, published by Fathom Press.
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The Women They Left Behind : Stories from Grimsby’s Fishing Factories

With new research into the history of the fishing industry, The Women They Left Behind tells of hardship, good times, love and heartbreak in communities held together by women and characterised by the absence of men at sea.
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Roads, coaches and carriers in Barton before 1900

By Darren Stockdale and Geoffrey Bryant
ISBN 978-0-9555950-4-2 Softback £8
A further instalment of The Later History of Barton series which focuses on the town’s transport network.
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Fathom 08

Edited by Nick Triplow
ISBN 978-0-9555950-2-8 Softback £4
An anthology of prize winning and short-listed stories from the first Fathom Prize Short Story Competition
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Housing in a North Lincolnshire Town

By Richard Clarke
ISBN 978-09555950-8-0 Softback £8
A comprehensive study of domestic architecture during the nineteenth century in Barton upon Humber.
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The Railway Comes To Barton-on-Humber

By Anthony A S Berridge
ISBN 978-0-9954624-0-3 Softback £9
A History of Barton's Railway
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