About us :

Our Values

The Ropewalk is managed by The Ropewalk (Barton) Ltd

A registered charity - Charity No.1194056

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Our Creative Vision

The Ropewalk is an organisation that:

  1. Creates a gateway to artistic and cultural experiences that enrich lives.
  2. Deepens relationships between artists and audiences.
  3. Nurtures and celebrates artists
  4. Reflects the diversity of our local community and provides platforms

    for showcasing work from diverse artists, supporting the Creative Case.

  5. Provides workspace and employment opportunities within the creative sector
  6. Has a responsible business model that supports our creative vision
  7. Is the creative community hub in Barton and the wider region.

Live comedy at Ropery Hall

Paul Sinha SOLD OUT

10th December 2023

For more information about Paul Sinha SOLD OUT, including show times and to buy tickets online, click the link below.

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